Friday, 19 February 2016

Some Battered Pages

I like having a small notebook that fits neatly in a pocket or bag. I took one such notebook to Thailand with us when we went record our album, but then in an impressive act of bad luck and stupidity I lost it the night we arrived. The only thing I could find at short notice to take down to the studio with me was a big hardcover A4 monster. 
I just found it at the bottom of a bag, and am having fun reading through it. It was a pain in the arse to carry around, but the additional space did lead to me having more room to fill with random nonsense, as you can see below.....

Somewhere in amongst that mess is a song called Bleach Your Bones. This track will on the album, and a live session video of us playing it will be online in the near future. 
We've been working on a bunch of live videos and other fun things over the last month or two, basically keeping ourselves busy until we can get back out on the road again. All of them will be online soon, though I'm not sure exactly when. 

Love n' kisses,