Friday, 12 February 2016

Into the Wilderness

We had an incredible year last year, we played a lot of shows, in a lot of countries, and wrote a lot of songs, before eventually heading off to Thailand to make an album.

But it wasn't all plain sailing, there were a few "interesting" moments along the way. It sometimes blows my mind that we managed to pull it off without any major casualties. 
I shall withhold the names so that the interested parties can keep a little dignity, but here are some of the truly special moments we endured, I'm sure those that know us can guess the culprits of each....

  • Someone blacked out and went missing in Bangkok the night before our album recording began, so had to be taxied to the studio on their own once found. This person may also have lost a lyric book on that same night. 
  • Someone got bored after being home for a few weeks so attempted to do a little DIY. They failed, and managed to set their arm on fire with a petrol can. At a later date, while once again back home and bored, this same person managed to break a ladder and get stuck in an attic. Its best that this person is never left home alone. 
  • Someone thought they were a modern day Steve Irwin, so started messing with some killer jelly fish, only to end up being stung and hospitalised.
  • Someone hates mosquitos. They hate them so much they bought every type of mosquito repellent they could find, from creams to sprays and incense sticks, and decided to use all of these things at once, in a poorly ventilated room. This person briefly went blind. 
  • Someone misplaced a passport while in Switzerland, and didn't realise it had been misplaced until the passport had made it halfway across Germany in the back of a van. With half of the band in Germany, and the other half in Switzerland, a mad dash against the clock commenced, with flights and ferries to be caught and vast distances to be covered the odds were against us, but somehow we pulled it off and all made it home. But this leads me to my next point......
  • Someone, with the threat of missing a ferry and being trapped in Holland looming over them, decided to go rouge and try board said ferry on foot as it was about to depart. They were caught and threatened with arrest, but managed to charm their way out of it and he, along with a van full of gear, was then allowed to board. 
  • Someone grew frustrated with a confused taxi driver taking us in the wrong direction while looking for a house on the outskirts of Bangkok, so decided we must all vacate the taxi in a traffic jam and walk down the middle of the motorway into on-coming traffic. Ten minutes later we found the house we needed and were sitting happily with iced gins in hand, laughing nervously about how it had all worked out for the best while we each sat secretly trying to figure how were had managed not to become Thai roadkill. 
  • Someone discovered a free bar at a Belgian music festival. Eight hours later that same person was kicked out of the dressing room of a popular 80s pop combo for trying to "borrow" a coffee machine while draped in Belgian flag. This person was very ill the next day. 
  • And a special mention must go to a member of the extended TMT touring party that kept us all on our toes for the whole year. This brave soldier managed to do many adventurous things, ranging from simply putting a hole in his own hand, to locking himself in the back of a van, at an airport, with the engine running, resulting in him almost arrested as a suspected terrorist. At one point our van was hit by a dangerous driver, so our hero chased them down like a ninja warrior and kicked off their wing-mirror. Yes, he may have ended up in the back of a police car, but our scratched van was avenged! 
Our new single will be released later this month, so the whole operation is about to swing into action once again. This year promises to be busier and more intense than last, its going to be a hell of a ride, we hope you can join us, and lets see if we can all make it out alive.


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