Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Our new album, Stay Young, will be released this coming Monday, February 24th. 
It has felt like a marathon process, during which I'm sure we have made a heap of mistakes. But its all done now, our hands are clean and we are proud of what we've put together. 

We started recording the album on January 9th 2013 at Seagate studio in Dundee with the magician Graeme Watt. We had about 18 songs in mind when we started recording the album, some never even made it onto tape, others were recorded and then binned. And then there was a couple that were written at the last minute and squeezed in. As usual we had no money when we started the album so, much like with our first album, recording was a fractured process that spread over a period of months, with us going into the studio whenever we could get enough money together for a session. 

We finished the recording in summer 2013, and had it completely mixed and mastered by August. We had grand plans that we would really "do something" with this album so decided to hold off on the release so we could try a get a glorious plan together, get some people involved to help us and really make an impact. Things never really played out as we planned, nothing was really coming together as we hoped they would, and by December we came to the conclusion that we would probably all be dead by the time we were at the stage we wanted to be for the release so we set a date and decided to put the album out ourselves. We figured it was best just to get the album into the ears of the public than to sit on it in the hope that we might by some fluke become international megastars. 

As is a theme with us, we didn't have the spare couple of grand sitting about to pay a PR company to get the album into the right blogs and magazines, and have no mates in the industry, so we continued with the DIY approach and have all spent many nights emailing literally hundreds of media outlets, large and small, in the hope that some of them will listen to the album and perhaps review it. So far we have had one reply, from the lovely Olga at Rock Britain. So our success rate is sitting at about 0.5%. This has left us a bit defeated, and with the sad realisation that with any future releases we are going to have to play the game a whole lot more, and approach it with heap of cash behind us. Perhaps we will become dandy bank robbers or the worlds campest muggers. If we are to suddenly get a heap of great media buzz on our next release you will know that a few of us are missing organs or have done some sinister things that we are not proud of, nothing happens organically. 
I don't want to sound like I'm being a bit of a moan, but I think that we have to be completely honest in everything we do, its all we have. 

Stay Young....


I hope you enjoy the album. 
We never stop writing, and have a ton of new songs ready to go, so perhaps we will release two albums this year, or three. Or maybe we will implode and never be seen again. 

Much love 

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