Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Five go mad on mescaline......

Ladies and gentlemen, we have extended our ranks. Mr Ben Doherty has joined us on bass playing duties, giving me a free role to do some singin' and a-dancin' on stage.
Everyone knows all the best boy bands have five members. 5ive members.

We have also been powering on with the recording of our second album over the last couple of months. So far we have eleven tracks recorded, and will probably record another eight or nine songs over the next couple of months. We will then pick the best ones to go on the album. It is going to be a short blast of ape-shit pop music.
So many of my favourite current bands have been "growing up" recently and releasing very good, but very mid-tempo albums. Bands like The Maccabees, Foals, The Horrors and Bombay Bicycle Club have been making massive far reaching soundscape albums, I have loved them all, but I find myself longing for something more immediate. I want the songs on our album to be like short sharp rabbit-punches to the heads of all the horrible shit that climbs on top of us and pins us down in our modern lives. I want a two and a half minute burst of catchy mayhem to boot the testicles of our low paid jobs, I want a three chord rant to spit in the eye of council tax and unaffordable rent, credit cards and Twitter trends. Every track needs to be a fightback. The album needs to be a call to arms. Good old spunky youth and imagination is getting lost in these dark days, there at least needs to be an alternative to run to for solace, to get the fires burning. If we can provide that on a half hour album, or at a sticky gig in some shit club then my life will be complete. If we fail, then fuck it, at least we had a go.
Stay Young.


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